Why is Naturopathic Medicine or Natural Medicine outlawed or not licensed in all 50 states?

Question by drjtdinh: Why is Naturopathic Medicine or Natural Medicine outlawed or not licensed in all 50 states?
I was wondering why so many few states license the practice of natural medicine. I believe the current number is 16 states with varying scopes of practice. Even one state plain outlaws the practice of naturopathic medicine. Why is that?
Also, to those that say that natural medicine doesn’t work, are you saying that vitamins, minerals, diet, etc are ineffective for human ailments and sickness?

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Answer by Sarah Jane
because it doesnt work and masks/prolongs the time in which people should be actually be receiving proper treatment,

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  1. Because it’s bullshit. It doesn’t work, there has not been one scientific study that shows it works. What it is is a way to take money from ignorant, stupid and sometimes very worried people with false claims of efficacy, and that’s fraud.

  2. it’s nothing more than a reflection of the degree of corruption that medical influence can buy there.tink is apparently an illiterate in regard to basic neurology and consequently misrepresents chiropractic as do all the brainwashed medical ignorami. she reminds me of the panel of medical doctors who in debate with the world’s greatest chiropractor, vehemently denied such thing as a subluxation exists, that is, until dr. palmer d.c. offered to subluxate their neck, at which time they instantly cowered, demonstrating they wouldn’t put their neck where their big mouth was.

  3. Yes, I’m saying that vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements are ineffective for human ailments and sickness.

    Plain enough for you?

    Furthermore they are not recognized in most states because the laws are generally written as such that what people do know can be regulated (i.e. it is expected that a Medical Doctor would know anatomy and physiology, microbiology, etc. It cannot be expected to regulate what a person doesn’t NOT know. In the experience of most people, naturopaths do NOT know an amazing amount of basic science, or even maintain a modicum of common sense.

    E, for example, believes that neck cracking is the cure for everything from acne to Zellweger syndrome, which proves BOTH my points.

    Diet is a completely different matter, and dietary sciences ARE regulated in ALL 50 states.

  4. Well first off, all alternative herbs and homeopathy products on the market place are on file with the FDA. Second, for a long time alternative products, mostly herbs is considered food or dietary supplements and not medicine until more recently. Now that herbs are dipping into pharmaceuticals profit the FDA has more untrue warning out, making false claim that some herbs are dangerous. However those same dangerous herbs are used by the pharmaceuticals.

    The FDA has a record with closing their eyes to dangerous drugs that make millions for the pharmaceuticals. The FDA announced on July 1, 2009 that Chantix must carry a black box warning, the FDA’s highest warning level, because 3,063 involved serious injuries, including 78 deaths. Funny, you never see that warning on the TV commercials! So why do herbs get treated badly from the FDA, when it’s the drugs that kill people and left on the market to kill more people?