Why does this happen and how can I stop it?

Question by ilovelucy8806: Why does this happen and how can I stop it?
Everytime me and my fiancee have sex, I have issues getting wet. He gets frustrated because when we first started having sex it was easy for me to get lubricated. About a month into it, it got harder and harder to get lubricated. He thinks I’m not turned on by him, but its hard not to be! Why do I have this problem?

Also we use a lot of lube obviously, and I still get vaginal lacerations and they hurt so bad. How can I prevent this from happening when were already using a lot of lube?

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Answer by mike h.
not sure well you could talk to a doctor.

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  1. If you have not already incorporated a hour a day routine into you schedule, you should consider doing so. Your overall health and conditioning will make a huge difference on your general outcome. This include recommended water intake.

    Nevertheless, very often, vaginal dryness is associated with high stress, postpardum (after the deliverance of a child) depression, weaning off hormone related products that destroy hormone levels, menopause, and some underlying medical conditions. Therefore, once you have tried some simple measures to reduce your vaginal dryness with no success, you should seek professional advice.

    It may be a brief time period before your body completely restore itself. For this reason, you and your fiancée should understand the nature of this problem so that the two of you do not rush the issue, leading to bad decisions. It is a chemical condition rather than of mood. So, the beginning may be rough, but long-term you will benefit more because you are getting to the root of the problem instead of just covering it up.

    If your vaginal dryness is not caused by your ability to who cannot think or feel sexually, then production of you body’s lubricant is likely to cease shortly after intravaginal penile thrusting is initiated. Futhermore, the problem is continuing to exist with lubrication which suggests vasoconstriction or tightness within the vagina often seen in chronic pelvic vasocongestion.

    This occurs in women who are afraid of deep penetration by their partner. Women describe the pain associated with intercourse to be as if their husbands had “hit something” with the penis during deep vaginal penetration. (Please note, that these issues may not be on the front burner, sorta say, but you should be honest with yourself and decide if they exist.) This could also indicated a concern that you have with the way your fiancée have intercourse with you. In either case, the problem could be deeply rooted and buried. this causes you body to naturally react during intercourse and fail to initiate you hormonal system.

    However, the cause of Sexual dysfunction in women is not easily discovered. And, in many cases, the reason is never found. It can be successfully treated with Phytotherapy, which is one of the best treatment available. Therefore, even if you cannot find a reason for your vagina dryness, you should still talk about this with your doctor.

    Hope this answers your question!