Which of the Ayurvedic medicines have harmful side effects? Can they be taken for long periods safely?

Question by hameed n: Which of the Ayurvedic medicines have harmful side effects? Can they be taken for long periods safely?
Ayurvedic medicines are in the form of ‘Arishtas, Asavas, Kashayas, Pills, Powders , Bhasmas etc. At least some of them, if not all, are said to be very harmful – especially because of urine,gold and other metals, etc that they conain.

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Answer by Rene
Your question seems specific, I don’t understand your “angle.” Have some medicines been prescribed to you? Are you in a debate with someone holistic vs. allopathic medicine? I’m not clear on why you are asking this.

I’ve done a lot of Ayurvedic treatments in the US and always it’s been good. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with a lot of the words you use above.

I’ve never had reactions to Ayurvedic herbs I’ve taken from Maharishi Ayurved or Banyan Botanicals — even though I’m very chemically sensitive. I’ve used herbs both incorporated into massage oils and also ingested them directly.

I do know that with any herbal products you should check the source. Generally I don’t like to take herbal preparations made in India or China due to the potential for contamination with harmful chemicals, etc. However, the two sources I noted above are two that I trust.

Traditionally, Ayurved had experimented with use of mercury in some preparations, and of course this would be something to would avoid completely. Anything produced in the US should be mercury free.

Also, I would advise against getting internal treatments such as bhasti in any countries where there are not high standards for cleanliness (i.e. India).

So, generally, Ayurved in the right hands from the right souce is great. Seek out good practitioners, go to clinics in countries that are sanitary, etc.

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  1. Did you get this questionable information from the quacks of conventional medicine? Conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical drug cartels are engaged in bogus studies which attempt to degrade naturopathic, holistic, and intergrative medicine. Try to find ayurvedic preparations made in the U.S.A., and avoid anything from China or India. Click on to Andrew Weil,M.D. and ask him for his opinion, as he is America’s leading expert re holistic, herbal, and natural alternatives in medicine.