Which essential oil to use for aromatherapy for my office?

Question by n8guy: Which essential oil to use for aromatherapy for my office?
I have a healing practice which has a relaxing and soothing fountain, soothing music and I’d like to add aromatherapy. I just bought a nebulizer for essential oils.

I was thinking lavender oil? Are there any other suggestions?
Btw, how does a blend of jasmine and lavender work together?

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For me “Jasmine”

hope this helps you out…

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  1. there are some who can’t stand lavender tho it is great for calming

    Lemon and light mint maybe-some citrus can plug some diffusers (or mine got old and thick?)

    anything really subtle. you don’t have to smell it for it to be calming

    I like ‘peace and calming’ blend but it has strong bergamot and jasmine that may offend some.

    ylangylang and jasmine are uplifting and balancing

  2. Geranuim oil = bliss!
    The balancing effect that geranium oil has on our emotions is often utilized in aromatherapy. Though geranium is distilled from leaves, its aroma and effects are comparable to such floral oils as rose and lavender. Humans are drawn to floral aromas because their pleasant scents can be uplifting and gently inspiring — or evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

    Here’s one recipe for a balancing aromatherapy blend:

    * 35 drops geranium
    * 35 drops lavender
    * 20 drops bergamot
    * 10 drops rose

    Put six drops of the blend and one ounce of water into an aromatherapy lamp and gently diffuse the relaxing aroma during times of stress. For a more immediate release of this tranquil blend, try dispensing it from a spray mister.

  3. I use this one for “little noses” and sensitive noses as the combination is very soothing especially to calm children….should work on adults (smile). Found this in a book.

    Roman chamomile (or regular) 5 drops
    Neroli (preferably) or Tangerine 2 drops

  4. I think that clary sage is the most euphoric of the oils. It has almost a hypnotic effect. I try to add it with something a bit happy and energetic like sweet majoram, orange, or neroli.

  5. aromatherapy can help improve concentration levels while at work. If you want to stay alert at work you can use : basil, rosemary, peppermint and lemon.

    As for lavender, I still think the best uses of it is at home.

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