Which are the easiest herbs to grow indoors?

Question by TheGr8Pretender: Which are the easiest herbs to grow indoors?
I live in a small apartment with no yard/garden access, but would love to grow herbs in flower pots. Which herbs do best indoors and which do not require too much sunlight (I don’t get a whole lot of direct sunlight in my apt.)? My herbs of choice would be basil, rosemary and parsley. Tips or advice anyone?

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  2. Rosemary will grow well as a houseplant in a window. Chives may grow also. Basil and parsley will grow,but be spindly and disappointing.There is a grow system for herbs (see link) I saw it for sale at a Bed Bath and Beyond store. It costs over $ 100, but looks like it works well and has it’s own grow-light. Might be fun if you want to invest the money

  3. Hi my name is Marty, I am a horticulturist living in Sydney Australia. I would like to answer your question.
    There are many herbs that you could grow and trial. Parsley and Mint will do fine and Basil.
    Rosemary needs a lot of light.
    I have just started a new website named
    http://www.apartment-gardening-homes.com. This website will answer your questions in more detail.
    The site is new and new pages are yet to be added, but it has exactly what you want. Go to indoor herbs.
    Anything else feel free to contact me.
    Marty Ware