Which ancient Chinese herbal medicine can treat the symptom of Jealousy and Ignorance?

Question by Dog Lover: Which ancient Chinese herbal medicine can treat the symptom of Jealousy and Ignorance?
I noticed that along with the RISE OF CHINA, it comes a common phenomenon reflects on some people’s behavior, mostly found in some foreigners, and also a small number of Chinese people who are widely called traitors or self-haters. Such behaviors include Jealousy, Ignorance, Fear, Lie and many more ….

I wondered if there is any ancient Chinese herbal medicine specializing in treating such as Jealousy, Ignorance etc …

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Answer by Patrick
there is nothing that i know of that can really treat these that are ancient, it is more set in their mentality, as the Chinese were very high in holding honour, and also the threats of their emperor and the punishments meant more to them as a lot of chinese were self sustaining, so if they did not have much money they could still survive, as compared to say the english a lot of them were peasants and did not have much money or crops so being a traitor for money was worth the risk of dying to ensure you family could eat and survive. thats what i know but someone may be able to help you more

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  1. As far as I’m award there are no tradition medicine that can treat the symptoms, as such symptoms are rare and far between and quite often the imagination of ultra-pro-chinese nationalists who can’t handles criticisms or comments. Because of a lack of scientific observation which is behind traditional Chinese medicine it has not been possible to formula a remedy for a symptom that does not exist from a centuries old healing system.

    However, there are toxic compounds used in tradition medicine, mercury based ones, that kill off neurons and dull the brain and calm it down but his is used for anxiety disorders. It is often a misconception by people that Chinese herbal medicinal is safe as its uses “natural” remedies, but this is not often the case, as people often practise without a being qualified nor do they mention side effects, which has led to deaths. This is unlike Western medicine, which uses synthetic compounds of pure active components and assume that the have dangerous side affects that need to be tested for before a drug is put onto the market.