Where can I start to learn to heal?

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Question: Where can I start to learn to heal?
I am interested in becoming a healer of body/mind/soul for people and animals. This includes but is not limited to herbalism, Reiki, physics (including quantum physics), nutrition, early childhood development, psychology, philosophy, aromatherapy, meditation, fitness, theology, midwifery, yoga, and language, plus anything else that would help. My goal is to be able to help a person heal and prevent illness in a way that is familiar to them and their culture… Also I want to be able to explain the hows/whys of it if asked. Say I needed to heal any person; I want to be able to heal them in a way that connects with them, like a Buddhist or a someone in Japan with no religious interests. I need to know if there is a college or online program that can help me get started, and also, where do you think would be a good place to start? I know that there are no degree programs like this so… any ideas on how to get to my goal are greatly appreciated.

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the things you listed include much pseudoscience and lies. I suggest that you learn enough about general science to be able to tell worthless superstitions like reiki, aromatherapy from things that actually help people.
If you actually want to learn quantum physics, you’ll need to study quite a bit of science, but I assume you’re just talking about the silly misappropriation of that term by ‘alternative’ medicine quacks who don’t understand anything about it and just use it to fool people. you don’t want to be one of those people, do you?

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