whats the difference between a swedish massage and aromatherapy massage?

Question by bellhart: whats the difference between a swedish massage and aromatherapy massage?
I want to get my mom a massage for mothers day and they offer a swedish massage and an aromatherapy massage. I never go to the spa so whats the difference between the two?

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Answer by Madison
For Swedish massage a link is included at the bottom, explaining what is Swedish massage.

The only issue is that for area of pain and discomfort, massage therapists use lotion. For areas without pain they use oil or lotion (depends on what is the preferred method by the therapist or spa). Low quality massage oils do not have enough traction, so massage therapists hands do glide. Lotions on the other hand have traction. They tend to have synthetics and alcohol, which dries your skin.

Aromatherapy massage is great for your skin because they add essential oils, and usually they will wrap you in it. It is great for detox and relaxation, depends on essential oils they are adding.

Personally, I am using a base blend of organic oils for massage, with or without essential oils. One of the benefits is that it can be used for Swedish or deep tissue massage; it has the traction and glide necessary. I do not need to take a shower after the massage, since it absorbs readily. I use it also as body oil. I do not use the spa or massage therapist oil, or lotion anymore.

If your mother needs some muscular work done on her, I will go for the Swedish massage. If your mother needs relaxation, I will go for the aromatherapy massage.

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Hope it helps in choosing the right massage for your mother!

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