Whats the best natural herbal remedy for panic attacks and anxiety??

Question by princesslittle: Whats the best natural herbal remedy for panic attacks and anxiety??
I tryed St john’s wort, but stop taking it cuzI was going to try lexapro. So i did not see if it worked, cuz i know it takes 6 weeks to notice anything!!! I take a B-complex, and i know that helps with stress. Lexapro, is making my sinus worst, so i’m stopping it!! But, anyone who knows of anything, holla!!! Thanks

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Answer by xqzme
Chamomille Tea and breathing exercises!
Lavender/ Lilac aroma therapy also works well for my sister!

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  1. Valerian has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, it promotes relaxation in persons leading a hectic lifestyle and helps support restful sleep. It was used and promoted anciently by 10th century Arabic physicians, it is still very popular in Europe and western Asia. valerian root, used since the ninth century for its calming properties, with a concentrated valerian extract. These are combined with the equally legendary calmatives hops and chamomile, and other selected botanicals from European and Chinese herbal traditions. Valerian products are Valerian, Valerian Extract, Valerian Easy Sleep, Hops Valerian Combination, Valerian Extract Full Spectrum, Valerian Fresh Root, Valerian Glycerite, Valerian Herbal Formula, Valerian Mint Tea, Valerian Nighttime, Valerian Night time, Valerian Power, Valerian Root, Valerian Root Extract

  2. My husband suffered from panic or anxiety attacks for 17 years.
    The doctors tried everything… Zoloft, Xanax, Tranzene, and more. He also tried herbal remedies.

    He finally stopped having attacks when he learned proper meditation techniques, and the doctor prescribed 10 mg of Paxel as needed. He also cut down on caffeine- coffee, tea, Coca Cola.

    After a year, he was able to stop taking Paxel. He continues to meditate, and allows himself coffee.

    Just a thought…

    Good Luck


  3. There are numerous herbs which could help but anxiety attacks can be caused by many factors which should be investigated by a medical herbalist who will find, and treat, the cause.

    To relieve your symptoms, take Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) and Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) which you should be able to buy in tincture from from your health food shop. You will see improvements within a couple of days but should take for several weeks to build up the nervous system. If you are taking lots of other medication, see a Herbalist before taking anything.

    If you want to find a Qualified Herbalist visit http://www.nimh.org.uk or http://www.phytotherapists.org.

    Best wishes,

    PS A lot of the complexes containing Valerian also contain hops [Humulus lupulus] which should be avoided if there is any suggestion of depression – find a tincture of only Valerian.

  4. ARGENTUM NIT 30C is perhaps the best medication in Homeopathy for Panic Attacks and Anxiety if prescribed according to pathological symptoms .Why not post your complete details for an appropriate remedy.
    Take Care and God Bless !