what’s a natural and effective outdoor plant fly repellant?

Question by cesquaq: what’s a natural and effective outdoor plant fly repellant?
my neighbor has 3 dogs and i think that’s where the flys are coming from, but i can’t keep the nasty buggies out of my herb garden!! suggestions?

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Answer by Patrick1776

Go with the Fly Relief Fly Trap and the Fly bait. The Fly bag is for your flying bugs and the fly bait is to put around your plants.

You can read the labels and find that the bait is at a caution level, so its has a really mild toxicity.

…. Since it is an herbal garden you may just want a few of the fly traps for the garden and the fly bait you can make a paste and put on your wall or in other surround areas.

FYI- Toothpaste is at a warning level so it is more toxic then the fly bait.

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  1. Make a solution of crushed red peppers and water and let it sit a while. Strain, then spray on plants. 100% organic, and wont hurt the plants. Be careful (depending on how hot the peppers are) and dont get it in your eyes.(This is how they make pepper spray to use on criminals).