What vegetables, fruits, or herbs grow well in Phoenix, AZ during autumn?

Question by Amber: What vegetables, fruits, or herbs grow well in Phoenix, AZ during autumn?
I’m planning to grow a garden in my backyard, and I am wondering what plants grow best during fall in Phoenix Arizona. Thanks!

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Answer by roadrunner
I think you would obtain the best answers by contacting the extension office in your county. They will know what grows in your particular county, and will have many printed sheets for you to read.

Are you in Maricopa County? The link below has many tabs on the left to click on, I hope this helps you. Or you could look under Govt in the phone book, for county extension offices.

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  1. I live North of Phoenix nearer to Tucson. I’m growing parsley, cilantro, chives and dill and Greek oregano. The rosemary and lemon thyme I planted in the spring are doing great. I bought a stevia plant but it was to hot to put it out. I haven’t made up my mind whether I’m going to put it outdoors and protect it (how?) or just keep it indoors for now.

    Go visit a Lowes, Walmart, or Home Depot and see what herbs they have in stock and try what you like. For cilantro I go to the Mexican spice section at the discount grocery store and buy some coriander seed for 79 cents. It’s growing like a weed. I want Mexican oregano but no one around me seems to have any this year.

    I’m growing lettuce, spinach, pak choy, carrots, beets, bunching onions, chinese cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards and radishes. I’ll be harvesting these all over the next few months. You should be able to grow all the things I’ve mentioned.

    I have to cover stuff if there’s going to be a hard freeze. Hard freezer here means that the garden hoses freeze. I use old sheets and fabric pieces that I pick up at yard sales to cover my plants.
    Cardboard boxes work for some things. So stack a few of them in your garage.