What type of plant can I grow in the house this time of year and then plant it outside and it survive?

Question by chemrose: What type of plant can I grow in the house this time of year and then plant it outside and it survive?
My daughter can earn some brownie patches over the summer. One is planting some seeds in a pot and starting them and then planting it outside when it gets big enough. It is fairly late in the growing season. What can I grow that we can plant and it will survive this late. We live in Indiana. Any ideas? She really wanted to do a flower, but I cannot think of any that we can plant late and them not die after the summer is over.
Another one we are doing is planting herbs and making an indoor herb garden. I know the basil will not grow indoors for long, but it is not a perennial. Is that right?
Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by pinkyprincessx
Borage reseeds all summer so it would be happy being started later. It’s a herb, leaves taste cucumber-ish flowers taste sweet, but it’s quite hairy so interesting/weird to chew on. It’s an annual but seeds itself into most gardens for next year.

Some other plants that ‘pop up’ in my garden later in the year are; radishes (would work best if you had a cool spot outside for the first bit) they flower if you let them and i find their flowers are great pollinator attractors for my other veggies. Morning glories and nasturtiums (nasturtiums are edible taste kinda peppery) have been popping up aswell. my mom usually does a second pea planting at this time so you could do peas or possibly sweet peas.

i don’t have experience with an indoor herb garden; for basil seek out compact varieties cause common varieties get big -my lemon basil is 3feet tall right now. Garlic grows well inside (and it’s easy to find). Other plants to consider are rosemary, mint, thyme, dill, oregano. Sun will be essential for good growth and flavour be carefull not too water to much aswell.

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