What type of Herbs are you growing in your garden?

Question by Sandra: What type of Herbs are you growing in your garden?
I’m in Central Florida, and I’m only having luck with growing Cilantro. I hear Rosemary is easy to grow. Are you having any luck on growing herbs. Please specify if it’s indoor or outdoor. Thanks.

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Answer by Lynn
“Are growing?” I’m in Philly, so all the herbs aren’t in the garden yet. (And garden implies outdoors. Otherwise it’s either a few plants on a window sill or it’s called “a greenhouse. lol)

Right now, my rosemary is flowering. The sages are beginning to green again. The chives and garlic chive is bright and green. The Thyme still looks dead, but it’s supposed to look dead now. Monarda is beginning to grow. Tarragon is growing already. (In two containers now, but it’s only growing in one last year. Whoops. lol) I’m sure dill is starting somewhere. I don’t sow dill seeds. I relocate dill to containers I want them in. Bought dill many years ago, and have been searching for their descendants ever since. lol

Still deciding if we’ll buy sweet basil again, or see if the old flowerheads will do it for me. I know we’ll be growing German cchamomileagain. Good tea.

I don’t like growing parsley, because we use it so fast and don’t have enough space to grow enough for it to grow again, before we need it. And, I just don’t like cilantro.

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  1. In my Southwestern garden I currently have: cilantro, parsley, onion chives, garlic chives, rosemary, lemon thyme, Greek oregano, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, Texas tarragon, lemon verbena and sage.

    I’ll be freezing cilantro this week. It’s time to set out basil plants,