What kind of vegetables can I grow without having a garden?

Question by super_ms: What kind of vegetables can I grow without having a garden?
I would like to grow some of my own vegetables, but don’t have any outside space. I guess I can do it in pots but I’m not sure what kinds of things grow well indoors, and if it would make my flat smell of wet soil or plant food!

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Answer by Wealth of useless information
Tomatoes and Peppers grow easily in pots as do herbs. They will also grow indoors. Be warned tomato plants don’t smell very good, but fresh tomatoes are worth it.

I once saw on a morning news program where a master gardener was advising people who didn’t have any out door space to plant a very small garden in a plastic kiddie pool. She was saying that it could be on a roof or a patio. You could plant things like beans, peas, onions, Lettuce, maybe cucumbers (they vine out a lot and take up a lot of room) You couldn’t plant anything with deep roots like potatoes or carrots. I’ve never tried it so I don’t know how well it works.

Hope that helped and good luck. Nothing like fresh veggies

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  1. Most vegies need full sun. They might grow in containers inside if you have a south facing window. You’ll need space also since most vegie plants grow quite large. There are dwarf varieties of different vegetables. I have a couple of carrots in a pot – lovely foliage – but they are outside. What about chives? You shouldn’t have a problem with smells in your flat unless you are using Fish Emulsion as fertilizer. Can’t hurt to try growing vegies you like indoors. Let us know how it goes!

  2. No vegatables I know of will grow well in the average home (with out grow lights etc.). You can grow a few herbs inside. If you have a patio, almost any will grow in pots outdoors, but they need full sunlight to grow well which is all but imposible indoors. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash do well in pots outdoors. Things like beans, corn, okra, etc. will grow in pots, but are impractical because of small yeild per plant, just wouldn’t be worthwhile.

  3. well indoors is not a good place to grow veggies. when the plants produce their fruit or veggies they need sun most of the day to ripen them. if you are limited to ground space you can do cherry tomatoes in big planters (don’t forget a cage to help hold it up). i seen some of those hanging green bags you can do cherry tomatoes or strawberries in. you can hang them from the patio or an outdoor light.

  4. As long as they are cared for and sit in a sunny spot, peppers, small tomato plants, strawberries, carrots, beets, onions, and small potatoes can be grown in containers on a patio. Check the links below for instructions.

    Indoors… well, not many vegetables are going to make it. Herbs are an excellent choice though- small containers by a window will do fine for mint, basil, rosemary, sage, etc.

  5. I grew some corn inside last winter,about ten pots of them on a table by a big window with some Florence lighting,It worked preaty good but needed a bit mor sun and became leggy,meaning tall skinny stocks,but I had fresh corn on the cob in March. It was great. Tomatoes will do well to

  6. Not much will do well indoors due to lack of enough full sunlight and insects to pollinate the blossoms of veggies like tomatoes, cukes, beans, etc.

    I would try cherry tomatoes, if anything, but yes!, the plants do stink.

  7. Cherry tomatoes, determinate vines
    ‘Gypsy’ peppers
    Hungarian sweet peppers
    Various hot peppers
    Short-vined cucumbers
    Short-vined squash
    Leaf Lettuce of all types
    Bush beans
    Small-rooted carrots
    Small-rooted beets
    Miniature cabbage
    Bunching onions
    Swiss Chard

    Another thing to keep in mind is that most vegetables grown indoors will not have the size or yield of those same varieties grown outdoors. But, you can have hanging baskets, pots, and planters filled with various crops that will perform fairly well if lighting, pollinating, watering, fertilizing, and temperature requirements are met. It might not be quite the same as growing the same plants outdoors, but it can be quite quite fun to tend an indoor vegetable garden when the snows are blowing and the winds are roaring outdoors! Your family and friends will be delightfully surprised when your serve that salad with those green onions and cherry tomatoes and they discover that you harvested them that day! So, try your hand at growing a few vegetables indoors this year!

    Good luck gardening,