What kind of massage should i get?

Question by LsSsnap: What kind of massage should i get?
I got a gift certificate to a spa for xmas, should i get swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, or aromatherapy massage? i have never had a massage before, and im a waitress so i can realy use one.

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Answer by Hippie Hank
Aroma therapy massage would be very nice, as is deep tissue massage.

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  1. I would say since you’ve never had one before, start with a Swedish Massage. Deep tissue may be too much since you really don’t know what you like yet. You can always tell the masseuse during the massage if you want more or less pressure in certain spots.

    Enjoy! I’m jealous!

  2. All of these types of massages are great. It all depends on the amount of pressure you can withhold. the Swedish is considered your basic relaxation massage(my favorite) usually from head to toe(minus a few choice areas). The deep tissue is a pretty good amount of pressure and targets the muscles deeper than the surface. The hot stone feels great and is very relaxing but not very therapeutic. The aromatherapy is a Swedish with good smelling stuff~just cost more and has the fancy name. Being a waitress i would go for a Swedish with concentration on the places that hurt you the most. Hope you enjoy!!! once you get the massage you will be hooked.

  3. I agree with most of the folks here except in terminology.
    Swedish massage is great for first timers as is aromatherapy massage. While deep tissue and hot stone offer more muscle friction to make you feel great, the pressure is often too great for newbies.
    Please don’t call us masseuses as Masseuse is gender specific, female. Masseur is gender specific male. Massage therapist is politically correct non-gender specific.