what jobs are strictly with plants in medicine?

Question by : what jobs are strictly with plants in medicine?
I am looking into Herbalism, and Holistic therapy and Master Herbalism. But i cannot find a goo definition of watch term that has to do with herbs. I don’t just mean the ones i have listed, i mean all form of herb studies and medicine and botany ect. i am a very anti-social person due to Trauma in the recent past with job experiences and family/’friends’. i am looking for a college in Florida but need to be able to better understand what i want and then go from there with the types of studies ect. please can someone help me out by giving me a list of each type and an accurate and detailed explanation of the different studies. thanx!

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Answer by irenaaneri1980
Botanist,Ethnobotanist,TCM herbal practitioner,herbal grower/farmer.
Sorry im not quite sure what your question is.Here are links to Herbal Societies that may be able to help you with more information.Also if you request course information sent out to you hopefully the info will outline the course differences.


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