what is the best water technique for herbs and any other advice.?

Question by heidi v: what is the best water technique for herbs and any other advice.?
I’m starting my very first outdoor garden. It is pretty small and consist of 2 sage plants, 2 basil plants, a rosemary, and lavender plant. I also have a pot with mint plants. I am curious how often and when I should water them. they get most their sunlight in the afternoon.

Also, if you have any other advice on growing these plants or supplies or brand names that you would recommend I would appreciate that as well.

I am in KY by the way.
and how does Epsom salt help the garden?

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Answer by EUGAIA
The best time to water your mentioned herbs is in the morning. As you do not describe in what zone your herbs are, it is hard to write how often you can water them. As long as you match with the evaporation in your region, you know how often you can irrigate your herbs.

A good fertilizer is N-P-K 20-20-20 and do not forget Epsom salt.

Good cropping, good health and a lot of wealth!

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  1. Both sage and mint will grow beyond their boundary very quickly. You need larger space for them. Rosemary will be a large bush but it takes a few years. Basil is annual, so it should be fine. You can use sage for a brush by the curb, they will fill in and look pretty nice. As of mint, you need to constrain them, they spread like mad… You can grow them in a bottomless large container so they will not spread too far….
    Good luck!