What is the best time to plant pot herbs?

Question by girl: What is the best time to plant potten herbs?
I bought some potted herbs (thyme, basil, chives, cilantro, curly parsley) from the supermarket. I want to plant them in my garden, and I was wondering if it is ok to do in in October, or if i should wait till Summer.
I live in S.E. England if that helps.

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Answer by hearthecatsmeow
Keep them in the house . Put them in a bright east window. They love sun but hate drafts. You shouldn’t have to water them too much unless your house is really hot or they are in very small pots. Don’t overwater them and let them get waterlogged. You shouldn’t have to fertilize often unless they start to turn yellow on you. You don’t want them to overcome their pots. When you do use one use a weaker fertilizer like for house plants. You can find some good organic ones.

They will not do anything outside now. Basil, cilantro and curly parsley are annuals and would drop dead shortly. The chives would die back and come back next year.
Now saying these are annuals means they only live one annual cycle.
(All but the chives)
This means their cycle may well be over when it would be time to bring out in spring.
You may have to buy some more for the spring.
There are some perennial herbs also you may can check out.

Plant your chives now or when the weather warms in spring.

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