What is the best school of herbal medicine to attend?

Question by cookies_for_katie: What is the best school of herbal medicine to attend?
I’ve been looking up different schools and am a little overwhelmed. I know there’s different types (Native American, Ayurveda, Chinese, etc.). I just wanted a little bit of info as to why one if better then the other and what the most renowned school is. I would also like to know what it takes to get into one of these schools. Thanks!

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Answer by Soul Doctor
Clayton College of Natural Health here is the link to their site :-

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  1. yes as soul doctror :) said, clayton college or Dr Christopher school of natural medicine..find the info at his website herballegacy.com

    sorry I don’t know more..personally I not not do ayurvedic. Native American is good and Asian has a long history. If it was me I would become a natureopath as it is comprehensive. Instead ofg just being an herbalist or a master herbalist, one learns about a wide swath of modalities from nutrition, juicing/juice fasting, hydrotherapy, body work, detoxing , herbs etc. but sounds like a fun career choice