What is Arnica Montana called in Chinese herbal medicine?

Question by bluemoonmuse2: What is Arnica Montana called in Chinese herbal medicine?
I’m not talking about a dictionary translation of the word(s). If the Chinese use it in their herbal medicine, what do they call it? What’s the name of the Chinese equivalent herb?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
It would be called Arnica because it wasn’t a staple of Chinese medicine so it doesn’t have a “Chinese name”, but the common (Latin, I think) name of Arnica is used. “Chinese Medicine” (as well as many other culture’s herbalism traditions) is most commonly referred to only by the ancient practices and aren’t updated with new herbs found in different areas… but when new herbs are incorporated for any reason, they will use the existing name instead of translating it so there’s less confusion.
In botanical terms, once a plant name is known, they seldom make a new name for it… but the plants that are known in different areas commonly had different names, which is why you’ll sometimes see an herb with several “a.k.a.s” added to an article about them. It just helps to minimize confusion to not rename something. I hope that helps!

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