What is a recipe for a pregnancy safe homemade bathroom cleaner?

Question by Popple: What is a recipe for a pregnancy safe homemade bathroom cleaner?
I need a good soap scum removing and most importantly disinfectant bathroom cleaner. Everything I am finding says to add lavender oil to disinfect. However, I also read to be careful of essential oils while pregnant.

Any recipes?

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Answer by TaraH
is does not smell the greatest but my family uses vinegar and water on just about everything. the smell don’t last long and i always just light a candle after i am done. works for our family

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  1. Go to a local restaurant supply house and buy food safe cleaners there. Cheaper and many disinfect (they have to to eliminate cross-contamination of salmonella and e.coli). Can’t help you on the soap scum remover. I have really hard water, so it’s not just scum but lime and hubby just does it.

    For the kitchen and bathroom floors, I just use 10 drops of Dawn Dishwashing detergent in a bucket of warm water. Perfect for kids or pets on the floor. Put the drops in AFTER you’ve filled the bucket with water and use your hand to mix it gently. Suds are not needed. You do not need to use the so-called anti-bacterial formula. The original also kills bacteria.

  2. If you have concerns about using essential oils during pregnancy, can I sugest you read the article “Aromatherapy in Pregnancy” which you can find here https://aromatherapyandnaturalskincare.com.au/index.php?essential_oils=169&Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

    If after reading the article and you are happy to continue down your natural cleaning route?

    Cleaning and maintaining your home using natural ingredients including essential oils rather than using toxic chemicals is a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way and it smells SO much better!

    My top 5 Essential Oils for use around the home are –

    Tea tree – for its antibacterial properties which have been renowned for decades

    Eucalyptus – fresh and invigorating and a boon if there are coughs and colds in the house

    Lavender – relaxing but still with antibacterial properties – a most versatile oil

    Lemon – the ultimate in freshness – loved by everyone

    Pine – clean & fresh – especially good in the bathroom

    Here are a few ideas on how to use these fragrant powerhouses around the home –

    When washing hard floors use a non-scented detergent in the water and add 3 drops of tea tree and 4 drops of lemon essential oils. Or use a cup of white vinegar in hot water with the essential oils added.

    Make up a spray bottle with 10 drops of lemon essential oil in 100ml water. Shake well and use as a spray and wipe product to clean kitchen benches.

    Put a couple of drops of lavender or pine essential oils on the cardboard tube inside toilet rolls to subtly freshen the air.

    The germs which cause colds are usually transferred by the surfaces we touch so try adding 1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus onto a damp cloth and use this to wipe over door knobs, light switches and other similar surfaces around the home.

    Any of these essential oils work well to remove cooking odours in the kitchen. Simply add 6 drops of one or a total of 6 drops of a combination of oils to water in a candle vaporiser, or with or without water in an electric vaporiser (refer to the manufacturers instructions)

    **A note of caution always take care using essential oils on plastic or painted wooden surfaces around the home as the oils can cause damage or discolouration especially if left on for any length of time. If in any doubt test your mix in an unobtrusive place first.