What is a home remedie that is a pain killer?

Question by PhiSigCloud: What is a home remedie that is a pain killer?
My mom broke her leg, she had the survey and is now in the cast. However her medication is done, she doesn’t have a refil, and can’t get the doctor until Monday. Do you know of any home remedies she can take to alleviate the pain a little.

Anything will work!

Thanks in advanced!

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Answer by arts
my mum used to give me a glass of water with sugar in it when i was in pain for some reason

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  1. Usually over the counter medications and relaxation therapy, working in a medical back ground, distraction is also good, such as comedy movies and etc… if her pain threshold is low and the pain is high… (it would be good to go to and after hours clinic or emergency department, make sure to take the medication bottles with her so they can see the current dosage number of pills prescribed and how she has taken them)….. good wishes.

  2. advil is the best for that kind of pain …. fyi for other writers, water and sugar helps aleviate stomache pain, thats like the oldest italian home remedy, flat soda works too, its all the sugar though!

  3. Phone your pharmacist immediately and explain it is pain from a fracture. A good pharmacist should be able to get through to the doctor or his associates to provide enough pills for a couple days. Ask the pharmacist for the strongest OTC medicine he/she has. I find it very odd that the hospital/clinic did not provide enough Rx to cover the weekend though. With a cast, you cannot provide any other localized pain relief except for keeping the leg raised to the most comfortable level so as to reduce pressure.

  4. Alcohol that she enjoys.(Screwdrivers, Salty Dogs, or Bloody Marys will give her several needed vitamins also) Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and should reduce the pain enough to help her through until she can get her refill. Don’t drink too much too fast, just get “warm and fuzzy” then sip enough to stay that way.

  5. Oil of Oregano is also a powerfull painkiller. An article published in Phytotherapy Research describes how oregano oil superceded anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a painkiller. As published by Sarer, researchers describe its antiseptic powers as ‘remarkable.’