What is a herbalist and what do they do and where do they work?

Question by JessieKallie: What is a herbalist and what do they do and where do they work?

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You will usually find them associated with good quality health food shops. They have specialised knowledge about the use of herbs as a cure for diseases or to help the quality of life. It is a good practice to discuss taking herbal preparations with herbalists for any condition you have that might need some type of treatment.

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  1. The term Herbalism refers to folk and traditional medicinal practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts. Herbalism is also known as phytotherapy.
    Depending on what type of herbalism or aromatherapy you decide to practice you can do any of the following.

    * Herbal toiletries – soaps, oils, bath salts, shampoos
    * Clinical Herbalist/ Practicing Herbalist
    Lead Botanical Adventures
    Cook for Herbal Associations
    *Botanical Medicine Maker
    *Own an Herb Farm
    *Facilitate herbal trips, adventures, getaways
    *Salesperson in herbal operation
    *Heath and Beauty at a health food store or food cooperative
    * Run an Herbal Business
    * Work in ways to assist herbalist with technological issues, websites, etc..
    Wildflower grower

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