what duties did native american healers perform?

Question by Matt JB: what duties did native american healers perform?
I’m guessing that they administered herbs as medicine to the sick. But what about spiritual practices? Did they do anything related to trance work, or “vision quests”?

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Answer by ‘tаɪ.lər
First of all, I know you didn’t mean anything by it, as it’s just part of modern culture, but please don’t refer to Native Americans just in the past tense. We are still here, and many of us still maintain our traditional cultural practices. Anyway, it varies from nation to nation (or tribe to tribe), but generally, herbal/homeopathic medicine is used in healing. Some healers use various spiritual healing methods. Vision quests, on the other hand, are not part of healing. They are more like rites of passage into adulthood, and they are widely practiced (in some variant), but are not present in all tribes. There are many books on American Indian healing methods as well. Just look at a book store or search for them on Amazon. Good luck!

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