What do you think of Ayurveda in treating cancer?

Question by rapid: What do you think of Ayurveda in treating cancer?
How much can a person rely on Ayurvedic Practitioners in India. Do you think Ayurveda is taught in a systematic manner in India. Are these so called doctors competent to treat any disease.

Individuals sitting in remote places which are difficult to reach claim that they can cure cancer. They don’t tell what is the medicine or the herb. Is there any secret.
What do you think of them?

I wish to start a debate on this and would like people to join.

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Answer by Panda
You probably won’t like what I am going to say, but I come from a perspective that cancer is a killer. It is swift and can be horrific. There is also very very little time to sit around and experiment with treatment to ‘see if it works’. Because cancer kills we have concentrated strictly on treatments that can be documented as far as efficiacy and safety are concerned. There is no sense in wasting precious time on a treatment if there is no documentation or literature that will back up effectiveness. And further . . even when we were faced with the prospect that the treatment was not stopping the progression of disease we felt that a clinical trial was the best way to go . . not because it might ‘cure’ our son . . but because it would document critical information about the disease and what would worked or did not work during that treatment. Documentation, literature, research, and clinical trials are the only way to finding a ‘cure’ for cancer . . let’s cut out the ‘guessing’ and the theories and go with factual evidence.

Despite several different types of herbs or spices that may complement cancer treatments . . and despite research . . Ayurveda medicine still cannot provide any reliable documented evidence that it ‘cures’ or even has any significant impact on the treatment of cancer.
(this is not the same thing as people thinking or believing that it does . . there is no scientific evidence that it does).

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  1. Panda is absolutely 100% correct in her answer.

    Given the slightest opportunity, cancer will kill.

    You do not treat it with raw carrots, herbs, prayers, avoidance, peroxide, baking soda, magnets … or whatever other silly notions are out there.

    You hit it hard. You pound it to death. Poison it. Cut it. Burn it. You hit it dam hard, because if you don’t, you’ll end up someone’s poignant memory.