What are your favorite herbs to grow in the garden?

Question by Lauren CA: What are your favorite herbs to grow in the garden?
I’m starting my 1st garden and want to know what suggestions you have as to the best herbs to grow– ones that are good for food, tea, sent, sight, etc. What are your favorites?

I live in central Ohio, so they’ll need to be herbs that can live outdoors here.

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  1. Pretty much anything grows now in the warm weather here in the Midwest.
    Choose ones that you KNOW you like and put in your style of cooking.

    For me, I have Sweet Basil, Thyme, Dill, Rosemary, Cilantro. I was in a Menards store here this week, and was very impressed with their herb seeds varieties to choose from, so I got mine. I also have tomatoes and chile peppers.

  2. Plant Lavender for luck, Rosemary by your garden gate, and Basil or Thyme for cooking. Those have always been rather easy for me to grow, even when I lived in an apartment with just a small patio and some pots.

  3. thyme is really pretty..the crawling kind. i love mint especially for tea and it realllllly easy to grow but becareful because it can take over. Basil is a must and I love oregano because most things I cook require it. Rosemary is nice and its great for cooking too. They all smell wonderful. Nothing like fresh herbs. :) Have fun!