What are the words to the Medicine Buddha Mantra in Tibetan?

Question by Namrsi: What are the words to the Medicine Buddha Mantra in Tibetan?
I know they are “Tayata, Om, Bhaishaye Bhaishaye Maha-Bhaishaye Raja Samudgate, Svaha. ” in sanscript, what are they in Tibetan?

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Answer by Fire Under the Snow
The words in Tibetan are very similiar. They are as follows “Tayata, Om, bekandzeh, bekandzeh maha-bekandzeh, radza samungateh. Soha. ”

– Om Mani Peme Hung –

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  1. The words are the same, it’s just the Tibetans pronounce them differently due to the different phonetical structures of their languages.

    If you get a transmission of a mantra from a lama, basically you should pronounce it as your lama teaches you (many Tibetan lamas pronounce them in a very Tibetan ways, some – especially if they also studied Sanskrit – pronounce them in a more classical Sanskrit way), but if you just pick the mantra up yourself, without a transmission from a lama, you might as well pronounce it in the more classical Sanskrit way. In fact, I have heard more than one Tibetan lama with different words express the idea that “you (Westerners) pronounce Sanskrit better than we (Tibetans) do; you have no reason to copy the mispronuciation of us Tibetans”.

    In short, it’s up to you if you want to pronounce it the Tibetan or the classical Sanskrit way, unless your lama has instructed you otherwise.

    That said, the Sanskrit version is

    “tadyathā oṃ bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye mahābhaiṣajya(rāja)-samudgate svāhā”
    (or “tadyatha om bhaishajye bhaishajye mahabhaishajya(raja)-samudgate svaha” if you can’t read the special marks on the letters),

    whereas the Tibetan pronunciation might be written thus:
    “tadyatha om bekandze bekandze mahabekandze (bekandze) randza samudgate soha” as instructed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, other versions include
    “tayata om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze randza samugate soha”
    “Tayata, Om, bekandzeh, bekandzeh maha-bekandzeh, radza samungateh. Soha.”
    “tayatha om bheghandze bheghandze maha bheghandze bheghandze radza samudgate soha”
    “om beh ka dze-yah beh ka dze-yah ma ha beh ka dze-yah la dza sah mo kyah deh sowa ha”

    As you see, there are also a number of minor variations of the actual words of the mantra (and even more variations not mentioned here), not only of the pronunciation.