What are the pros and cons of a career in naturopathic medicine?

Question by AliciaW: What are the pros and cons of a career in naturopathic medicine?
I’m in my second senior year at university finishing a biology degree. My plan has been to become a teacher. However, due to some events in my life this past year, I’ve become very interested in naturopathic medicine. I’m considering becoming a naturopathic physician. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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Answer by jordan
You make less money.

But naturopathic doctors are getting more popular.

Some are even aloud to work in medical hospitols and subscribe natural meds..

People will always be looking for a natural cure .

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  1. Any qualification in ‘naturopathy’ is likely to be unaccredited therefore not recognised by any potential, future employer.

    ‘Naturopathy’ is full of bogus beliefs and has a poor understanding of science, frequently eschewing recognised scientific procedures and analysis in favour of anecdotes, hearsay and illogical presumptions.

    Many ‘naturopaths’ resort to playing doctors; making false diagnoses, prescribing invalid ‘cures’ etc in an effort to make ends meet.

    If you have an interest in this area, it’s far better to either qualify as a health professional in a recognised discipline or qualify in pharmacy which will give you a solid foundation on which to investigate areas of naturopathy from an educated viewpoint.

  2. You are finishing a biology degree and you want to be a naturopath? Do you realize that most of what they do is pseudoscience or quackery?

    Your current studies should give you a good basis to evaluate a few of the nostrums that naturopaths practice, like homeopathy and anti-vaccination. I suggest you take a hard look at this before you make any bad decisions.

    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy