What are the properties of vanilla essential oil in a burner?

properties of vanilla essential

Question by Spica *: What are the properties of vanilla essential oil in a burner?
Also are there any aromatherapy recipes for vanilla oil.
thank you

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Answer by Eden*
Vanilla Oil –
Vanilla means memories of childhood with the intensity of seemingly everlasting moments of joy.
The dense, slightly spicy and exotic sweetness linked to some bitter background notes and the earthy and full presence of the taste of Vanilla is only equalized by chocolate, another famous temptation from the heat flooded lands of the South.

A creeper in the jungle, Vanilla oil is the call for earthy and sensual pleasures. It is linked to the glandular/endocrine experience of taste that the mere thought of it will make people dream. Sensitive individuals should however avoid it in the evening, as it has slightly stimulating properties.
Vanilla is soothing and harmonizing to the fire element in us; it stabilizes emotions and consoles when sadness or grief seems to overpower us. Delightful sweetness of the tropics with a seductive kiss of the earth.

Suggested Uses: Apply Vanilla essential oil topically, or add to your favorite blend. May be used in a diffuser, nebulizer, or candle lamp.

Possible Actions: Vanilla essential oil has been traditionally used as an aphrodesiac and general soother of the emotions.

Possible Indications: Vanilla oil can be supportive for calming and relaxing states of anxiety.

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