What are some other paths in the food industry?

Question by Roto: What are some other paths in the food industry?
I’m 21 and I’m a cook. I graduated from a culinary school. Right now, i work in a restauarant to gain some exp. I would like to continue to keep educated myself becuz learning nevers end. But I wanna ask what other educations can i get to help in my cooking field other than pastry and sugar decoration course. I really enjoy creating new dishes with different kind of flavors and textures by using my own theory. I believe cooking will bring happiness to ppl. I was thinking taking chinese herb medicine. (What other suggestion do u have?) I never intend to open a restuarant and become a executive chef. I look at cooking as more in scientific and formulas.

BTW, i’m also a language lover. I speak English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and a bit of Russian. I think the language can give me that extra boost in my cooking area.

No short answer plz.
thoughtful answer is welcome. Thank you for the advices ^^’

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Answer by thurman l
Dairy manufacturing,learn how to make your own cheese,butter,eggnog etc.

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  1. I would look into a food science degree. Large companies employ food scientists to create new flavors, change existing recipes, and come up with new ones. With a culinary school degree and a BS in Food Science, you could go to work for any food company doing almost anything…from Doritos to Cheesecake Factory corp coming up with new dishes to making new ice cream flavors.

  2. another aspect is to look at agriculture… to see how you could help improve the flavor of things as they are growing.. also with the invention of different foods ( ie the broccoflower)…I also find the best recipes are made by just using your imagination.. like you said use different textures and tastes and eye appeal is a big one.. and have fun with it… eye appeal can also be a scientific formula as well… different shaped plates.. how to stack or arrange the food for best presentation.. with your knowledge in languages… you can use that to enhance your ability to do infusion cooking where you can use some of the foreign recipes and mix them with the western recipes.. there is a whole world of possiblities out there .. I hope you have fun and continue with the idea of cooking brings happiness… I believe the heart of the home is the kitchen… enjoy and bon appetite’