What are some good outdoor plants or herbs for a beginner?

Question by Kelly L: What are some good outdoor plants or herbs for a beginner?
I am living in Western Europe and have a little balcony outside, doesn´t get a huge amount of sunlight. It´s the beginning of September, so I guess fall flowers would be appropriate. I would love to get some colorful flowers to hang outside or maybe some herbs I can use to cook, but I`ve never done this before. I was thinking of fushcias but I wonder if it´s too late. Any advice?

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Answer by Lil’Alien
No idea if you still can get fuchsias, but why not? They’re still blooming, at least, mine in my garden do. :-)
Another flower that is flowering in autumn-winter is chrysanthemum. You should find those in the stores now and they come in almost all colors from white to yellow to orange to purple. Another “winter flower” you will find in the stores will be Erica. They are pretty sturdy, color white or purple. Both of them are easy to care for.
Herbs probably could be a bit difficult to start with now. But if you can get some grown ones… why not? Chives is good to keep in pots and easy to grow. If you can protect them from frost, you could also consider buying a rosemary, thyme or laurel bush. They are really sturdy and won’t complain immediately if you once forget to water them. But since they’re from the mediterranean region they don’t like frost.
In general, herbs are easy to grow. Why not make some plans for next year? Have a stroll through the garden section of your store and get you some ideas. :-)
In case you don’t know what they look like:
Chrysanthemum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysanthemum
Erica: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erica

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