TTM. Traditional Tibetan Medicine 1/6

presented by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang production in cooperation with IATTM. International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Akademie…

An informal reflexion about Tibetan Medicine and Dr. Ngawang Thogmey’s visit to San Antonio Texas, narrated by Covita Moroney.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  2. I find the whole Buddhist lifestyle so fascinating. I’m really trying to incorporate all of the values they have into my lifestyle. I feel like I should visit Tibet after watching the film My Reincarnation and get guidance like the people in the film did. Such a beautiful movie. bitly .com/t3FuWB

  3. Great video, I live in Texas and study Tibetan Buddhism, I would be interested in visiting San Antonio for a medical exam. I’m not finding any information online concerning though, is there a number available to call?

  4. Very interesting and well done.

    My son is studying Buddhism at Indiana University so I have been learning a lot more about the philosophy. Although I had studied the art for a long time I did not know that much about the philosophy and culture.

    David Bailey