Indoor Grow Update: Final Days of Flowering

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since we got some good footage of the garden, but here are the ladies nearing the end of flowering. They will all be chopped within the next few days and we’ll be sure to get lots of danky harvest footage ;] Thx for watching and be sure to hit the “like” button. Thanks for your support guys. -TDS


  1. sorry didnt hear the first time bout the p.m.issue!!!sulfur burner, burn 1 hour, 2xday. during the light cycle, when all fans are running. burn more than few hours,plant/bud can have that sulfur taste too…Get the (pm) kinks out, & lower ppms…Yields will go way up…..taste gets better.. When plants are spending alot of energy combating problems, the window is closing for full development of trichromes/ terpenes, only when all factors R right, will the plant fully develop terpenes/ & oils..

  2. only trying to increase your yield, room looks good, the genetics are there, lights look bright enough. if temps running right, air flow good, are you using CO2,?? that will help increase major..!! If all 5 factors are correct..You should be getting a gram per watt at least……looks like most plants only holding ounce or two. ( dry wt.) Leaves and plant should look healthy all the way thru,week 7,w/ leaves still standing up( soaking up sun), when flushing, of coarse they fade,UR pushing2much.

  3. unstable ph, and over fertilizing. leads to yields being reduced… major!!. the dehumidifier is fucking the garden up. sucking water out of the plants at a rate; they just cant keep up. look at the size…..plants spending all the energy replacing the water the dehumidifier is taking… Run the dehumid. at night hour after lights turn off… run couple hours turn off. put it on a timer if you use it regularly…dont run more than few hours a day…. this from experience.& Not knocking your grow