Super Hot Chili Peppers – Plants Moved Outdoors!

Super Hot Chili Peppers - Plants Moved Outdoors!

Well, growing superhot chilis indoors under lights is one thing. Transferring them to the outdoor growing environment is another. You control the growing env…
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  1. hey bro i got some plants all jalapeno growing inside right now and are adults now, peppers are barely sprouting, i started late in may fukd up big there, wanna save them inside thru my winter. what do you recommend, ilive in west texas, winters not so bad

  2. I bought the botanicare pure blend metabolic growth formula! I’m going to try it out when it comes in the mail! I couldn’t find it in any stores in Chicago.

  3. sorry about the 7pod. hardening off can be difficult like you said. If you can get a green house it helps. your plants should give you some killer pods nice line up.


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