Should I heat aromatherapy oils plain or add other oils?

Question by Kimberly G: Should I heat aromatherapy oils plain or add other oils?
When using aromatherapy oils in a heater like I have (a little glass dish with a tea-light underneath), do you put the oils in “straight” or do you blend them with “carrier oils” and if so, what type of oil should I blend it with? I actually tried regular soybean oil from the grocery store, but it did smell strange (almost a burning smell) and messed up the scent of the aromatherapy oil.

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Answer by pcdo_universe
you fill the dish with water and add just a few drops of oil you can use lust the one or mix a few. check the level of fluids in the dish every so often and top it up with water as necessary as you don’t want to let it burn dry

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  1. Add water in the dish & remember to check levels or it will burn dry, tea candle last from about 3 to 9 hours the strange burning smell will be soybean. You only need a couple of drops of oil the rest water.To get the smells straight away use hot water or off the boil water

  2. You are supposed to use oil burners with water. Fill the reservoir with water, and add up to 5 drops of essential oil. Every couple of hours, check the level of water and fill it back up when it gets low. The candle heats up the water and the water heats up the oils allowing them to release their aroma.

    If you heat the oils directly, they will heat up much to fast, and they will end up burning, leaving behind not only an awful smell, but also crusty resinous crap on the reservoir that will be difficult to impossible to remove. I think using a carrier oil also allowed the oils to heat to much or too quickly which was why you smelled a burn. Also, essential oils are flammable, and it could be dangerous to be heating them without water.

    Think of it almost like a double boiler. The oils just need to be heated gently, and the water acts as a barrier between the flame and the oil.