Seed starting with homemade soilless mix, transplanting herbs, tomatoes and jalapenos into pots

After making my own soilless mix and germinating seeds recently, I have now transplanted a few herbs into pots in addition to tomatoes and jalapenos. I had s…


  1. That’s funny that you said your healthiest tomato plant grew from a seed that you don’t know about. I bought some good soil from the store, and there must have been a tomatoe seed left in it, because I planted strawberry seeds in a small garden with the soil and a tomato plant sprouted in it. It was the healthiest tomato plant I have ever had… I live in Kansas.. so you can imagine how hard it can be to grow plants…. but I think I got 4 tomatoes off that plant, alone!

  2. I like your garden. But for herbs, how do you get the soil ready when you transplant them? I live in Southern Cali so our climate is less warm than yours but still warmer than other parts of the country.