Secrets of Ayurveda

Secrets of Ayurveda

Kumudini explains you the secrets of Ayurveda!

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  1. lived in Scotland for 15 months and all i took in westen medicine was 10 tablets of antibiotics….. need to go back to India, to my place in Kerala and ensharpen, enflame again… give me tulsi and neem juice :)

  2. is that right?

    the Ayurveda was around long before the name nepal, infact the word nepal is not even older then the 17th century… the nepal of today used to be part of indias kingdom and the kirats of todays nepals used to live up in the Himalayas.

  3. I am no Hindu but I love Ayurveda and has without doubt described me characteristically and has foreseen most of my health issues. In fact I believe that if more people in the west knew about this medicine they would be more accepting of the bodies that they were given!

  4. there are many things aryan brahmins have stole from other race. for example lord buddha was mongoloid race yet the aryan brahmin wrote and claimed that lord buddha was a hindu aryan and claimed he was avatar of hindu god vishnu. so plz if you can’t give credit to kiratas(mongoloid race), then don’t steal others work too. watch this video —> The Kiratas In Modern India: Discriminated in their own home
    where still in the 21st century, kirat people are discriminated by indians.