Schehrazade Spa: Meet the massage oil expert

Schehrazade Spa: Meet the massage oil expert
Kerai, who has studied reflexology, aromatherapy and body massage from the Steiner School of Beauty in Dubai, prides herself on making the essential body oil mixes for clients. “We use base oil — which can be any vegetable oil from olive to almond oil …
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Clean living at MGM Grand rooms
Traveler's Immuno-Boost: A 25-minute pick-me-up treatment using eight essential oil blends and a light-pressure massage to boost immunity and balance the body. • Detoxifying Marine … In addition, guests can choose the oils used for in-room aromatherapy.
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Hands-on with the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class interior
Because there's no other way to explain how we found ourselves in a darkened room somewhere outside of Stuttgart, listening to Diana Krall on a crisp sound system while getting a “hot stone massage” alongside a handful of fellow journalists — except …
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