Q&A: Where can I find aromatherapy blend recipes?

Question by MCi: Where can I find aromatherapy blend recipes?
I’m looking for aromatherapy recipes with essential oils for various things.

What is a good website to use?
I’m not a beginner with Aromatherapy. I’m very well aware of everything. I’m looking to gather more recipes and websites. I’m NOT looking to BUY PRODUCTS. I have a great collection of my own and supplies.

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Answer by Cheryls Health And Beauty
OK great question—I happen to be an expert on aromatherapy.

First let’s review the definition of AROMATHERAPY: massage of body or face using preparations of fragrant essential oils extracted from fruits, herbs, or flowers. Aromatherapy also includes INHALING these fragrances for health and wellness. You ask for “aromatherapy blend recipes” which is pretty general. Better to ask what your PURPOSE is? Do you plan to use it for massage oils, giving facials, a beauty foot treatment, or for inhalation like making candles or in a diffuser? Keep in mind some essential oils clash and are NOT CHEMICALLY compatible! Be careful. Also be aware of allergic reactions. Having said that, do not (and I repeat DO NOT) use synthetic or “fake” essential oil fragrances. The health and beauty benefits only happen with true, genuine essential oils.

Remember “aromatherapy” is based on and around ESSENTIAL OILS themselves. So the more knowledge you gain about them is basically what will help you determine, choose, or create your perfect recipes. Aromatherapy works by application on the skin (such as massage or facial) or can be inhaled (as in aromatherapy candles or diffusers). For example, my dentist used a Lavender Essential Oil diffuser on my first visit, when I had to have major dental work done—it was simply amazing how calm and wonderful it made me feel. PLUS it smelled simply heavenly!

In your search for recipes, you need to consider your primary reason for how your blended recipes will be used. Will you use them for massage body oils? Are you thinking of facials? Will you use them for making diffuser blends to be inhaled? Determine THAT before you begin your search, then visit a number of websites that offer “therapeutic grade” essential oils. Also, keep in mind, pure essential oils are usually FAR too potent to use directly on the skin. Most “carrier” oils suit the bill here. Jojoba is my favorite but Grape Seed Oil or even Olive Oil are good carrier oil bases. Many websites offer research articles on scientific studies about the healing properties of essential oils like: which oils blend best together, whatever ailment(s) being sought to alleviate, or of well-being you’re trying to achieve.

There are a myriad of excellent websites out there. Explore some and see what works best for you. However, I can personally recommend two, which I have used for many years. They are both reliable, reputable, and reasonable basic sources for information and products and you’ll see them in my “Source” referenced where I give credit.

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  1. Hello
    So glad to see that you have an interest in using essential oils

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