Q&A: What should I plant near my window?

Question by Jamerican Steve: What should I plant near my window?
Hi! I need something to plant near my first floor window. Something that looks good to the eyes but would be a turn off for a burgular if they want to climb in.

Any ideas?
Almos forgot, It should be able to handle New York weather.
Cannabis Sativa, huh? I guess with that the police will be outside monitoring the house all the time.

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Answer by Bob W
Cannibus Sativa

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  1. Hi:
    There are some decorative catus you can purchase that would keep burgulars away. (Christmas catus is great for the season)

    Any herbs will do well in an indoor garden. Try a Philodedron or a Rubber plant.

    You could also plant dwarf shrubs such as a Sunkist Arborvitae. This is a variegated small shrub and would give you a nice look. Try a dwarf Hemlock or a dwarf Hinoki Cypress. They are all low maintenance and would give you a real nice look.

    Hope this has helped some and good luck to you. If you need any further help, please feel free to contact me. I will send you to my gallery of plant section of my website as well as my site map. The gallery of plants has many different trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs. There are zones and descriptions. The site map has everything that is on the website. Have a great day!