Q&A: What flowers and herbs can I grow indoors?

Question by Alexandra: What flowers and herbs can I grow indoors?
I have 3 windows, 2 east facing, 1 north facing. I would really like to grow some herbs and flowers if possible. I don’t have much space, maybe 6 square feet on each window sill. These plants will be indoors year round.

I already know I can chives and basil, spider plants and peace lilies.

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Answer by Emma
As you research the herbs you want to grow in your herb garden you will learn about their flavors and perhaps even their medicinal uses. Many people use herbs as homeopathic remedies and maintain an herb garden for that reason. Other herbs can keep certain insects away and others are grown simply because they look great.

About Herbs – https://www.perennial-gardens.com/flower-articles/types-of-perennial-herbs.htm

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  1. The east facing windows will be the good choice for growing herbs and flowers. I would not recommend the north facing window as that will hardly get any sunlight. And colorful flowers needs sunlight.

    Orchids, Poinsettias, Peace Lilies are some indoor flowers which you can consider growing in your indoor.