Q&A: What can I do to get the seedlings in my herb garden to stand up?

Question by annesaqt214: What can I do to get the seedlings in my herb garden to stand up?
I’ve started my first indoor herb garden some of the herbs died and some of them lived. The ones that lived I’ve transferred to a few containers. They are growing, but they are very thin and tall and are falling over. What can I do? I tried to prop them up on a twig and that sort of worked, but it seems like a short term solution.

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Answer by Alina
make a very week mixture of warm water and root tone
water them

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  1. Weak stems indicate that the seedling is not getting sufficient light. You should not have to stake them. They should stand on their own if they are getting enough light.
    They require 12 to 16 hours of light every day. If you don’t have a bright window, put them under a fluorescent light with the bulb 2 inches above the tops of the leaves. A CFL will work as well as the tubes.

  2. They need more natural light. If you don’t have a grow light, give them as much natural light as you can. They will also lean toward the source of the light, so be sure to rotate the pots every couple of days until you can put them outside.

  3. When seedlings get too tall and spindly, that usually a sign of not enough light, (Sun or artificial.) First prop them up with twigs, toothpicks or? (Make sure you don’t hurt their delicate roots) After that add just a little more sand around their bases. Than make sure they get as much light as possible. South facing window sill or outside during the day, if the weather permits. (over 50F) Most herbs like at least 6 hrs of sun a day. Don’t let them stand in water or dry out completely. Hope that makes them grow stronger.

  4. your seedlings could be suffering from damping off disease which affects seedlings of all varieties of plants.you may need to start again with sterilised compost (1 min in the microwave) and sow thinly.

    prick out seedlings as soon as the true leaf appears. if they are a bit lanky you can plant them deeper,this usually works.

    Good luck