Q&A: What are some scented plants/herbs you can place on a shelf in your room?

Question by M. Alec: What are some scented plants/herbs you can place on a shelf in your room?
I want to put a small herb or plant in my room on shelf that also gives out a good scent. What are my options and what am I looking for? I’ve thought of mint; does that work? What are some others?

Also off subject I am interested in a bonsai tree as well and a miniature shelf sized fountain (one resembling a small river). Where can I find this stuff?

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Answer by Lynn
Unless that shelf is directly under a south or west facing window that gets plenty of light, there is no such plant. I suggest you learn what plants need to survive and then how big they grow, plus how much they invade, before you keep coming up with more ideas. Plants are living things and must be treated like that.

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  1. Lavender is considered the most useful of all essential oils. Lavender is known to help relieve headaches, insomnia, tension and stress. Its therapeutic properties have been well chronicled all over the world.

    Originally an inhabitant of the Mediterranean countries, this perennial herb has long been recognized for its exotic perfume and medicinal properties. Used in past by the ancient Romans for its healing and antiseptic qualities, the name itself comes from the Latin “lavare” or “to wash”. Tibetans still make an edible lavender butter to use as part of a traditional treatment for nervous disorders. Today, the essential oil of lavender is widely used across Europe and North America for a number of illness and medical problems.

    Lavender is just a beautiful herb in your garden. It has gray-green, pointing leaves that grow in a bushy, spreading manner. It is crowned with tall spikes of beautiful pale violet flowers during summer. As an ornamental flower, lavender is unique, sporting exotic fragrance, beauty and a rich harvest of sweet smelling blooms. Old English Lavender, a popular inhabitant of a cottage garden, can grow up to two to three feet high, producing fragrant grayish leaves and blue/purple flowers. The more compact variety Hidcote, has darker blue flowers, grows to around a foot high and is very pretty in any flower or herb garden. The easiest way to propagate lavender is to cut softwood cuttings in the spring. However, as lavender benefits from a light pruning in early autumn, these clippings make excellent new plants too, as long as you protect them from frosts and winter bite.

    Lavender – https://www.aromatherapy-blends.net/lavendar-aromatherapy.htm