Q&A: Is it ok to use Bath and Body Works aromatherapy oils in a diffuser?

Question by oh geez: Is it ok to use Bath and Body Works aromatherapy oils in a diffuser?
I was wondering if I could use a Bath and Body Works aromatherapy oil in my diffuser. It uses an air pump to disperse the oil into the air in a fine mist. I noticed on the Bath and Body Works website it says that the oils should be used with an oil warmer.

Also, I couldn’t find out if the oils were 100% essential oils. Could they still be used regardless? Does it even matter? Sorry, I’m new to oils and diffusers!

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Answer by Bobby Baby with the Biggy Boobys
Go ahead. What’s the worst that could happen?

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  1. No. It looks like, from their website, what they sell is “home fragrance oil” and “massage oil.” The former is a blend and not essential oils. The latter is diluted with what is called a carrier oil. Either of these can stop up and ruin an expensive diffuser.

    True essential oils are obtained from plant oils and have healing properties. Some are anti-fungal, bactericidal, anti-spasmodic and so forth. What you have smells good but is made from petrochemicals, highly refined oil obtained from the ground–some is made into motor oil, gasoline, etc. It has no healing properties & may even be damaging.

    Go to the health food store & buy pure essential oils for your diffuser. Start with lavender–it is one of the least expensive, least likely to cause allergic response even in babies, and most versatile. Lavender is a muscle relaxer & used for burns, insect bites, diaper rash, headache (applied to temples or back of neck), muscle spasm & pain. If you want to get rid of bad odors in a room, try orange or lemon in the diffuser, both also really economical.

    I use Now Foods brand, Aura Cacia, Starwest & Mountain Rose (buy online). All are reasonably priced & reliable companies.