Q&A: Indoor herb and plant question?

Question by you-who: Indoor herb and plant question?
Will any indoor herb or plant stop growing with proportation to its potting container?…and still live?

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Answer by primalclaws1974
I had a tomato plant that I had to move several times in a 2-gallon pot and it lived for a very long time and grew over 4 feet tall

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  1. whether a plant is in a pot or not it will not stop it from growing, however if you place it indoors be sure to give it plenty of sunlight, or it will die. Sunlight is a plants food, so just be careful keeping it indoors :)

  2. In my experience, no, though you can keep the plant small by regular harvesting, and even as the bonsai growers do by trimming the roots – although particular plants may give up the ghost if their roots are disturbed.

  3. I grow my herbs outdoors..then transplant them indoors when cold weather comes..most herbs are very comfortable being “root bound” within a 4 to 6 inch pot…You have no worries here… I will include a couple of pictures of mine outside, but I have just recently dug some up for the winter and put inside under flourescent lights so i will have them throught out the year..I just went to take A picture of my set up, very basic, but the batteries were dead in my digital….






    PS..indoor herbs need very little water..the most common problem with growing indoor is over watering..for they are more suseptable to root rot this way due to the sun not evaporating ecess water.. do not water them untill the soil is dry on top and down to 1 inch below the surface