I need to know the website for an indoor plant growing machine?

I need to know the website for an indoor plant growing machine?
I saw an infomercial about this machine that grows plants and vegetables and herbs indoors. It was black, maybe 2 ft long and 2 ft high, had a tray on the bottom with this fluorescent light shining down from a “hood”, and the infomercial talked about how fast plants grow in it. Or if anyone knows a type of machine that is similar that can grow herbs and spices indoors, that would be helpful. thanks!

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Answer by rscottx2
This is the website for AeroGarden https://www.aerogrow.com/ .If it was me I would spend my money on a good metal halide or high pressure sodium light rig. I will give it points for the ‘cute’ factor. RScott

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  1. I have seen this show before too. They are pretty much useless as they use inferior parts (lights, etc) and you should not expect them to last long. They seriously overcharge for what you get. I would not personally use the system myself.

    I grow numerous plants, including herbs, in my 1/2 acre greenhouse under supplemental lighting. I use Metal Halide lighting systems. The complete setup (ballast, light bulb, shade, etc) for one light should cost you around $ 300 and will cover a 3 foot by 3 foot area. If you are not interested in something that elaborate, then you could simply purchase a light bulb replacement grow lamp from a local hydroponics store. They will cost about $ 30 to $ 40 and could be placed in any regular light bulb socket, but use a lamp that directs the light downwards, like an office lamp. I would suggest that if you are truly interested that you read up on supplemental lighting.

    Since the costs of the needed materials may deter you, you could just simply grow the herbs and vegetables in your window or somewhere else they will get adequate lighting.