Q&A: I feel nausea while eating.?

Question by Adeel: I feel nausea while eating.?
I feel nausea while eating. it happens every time I eat. i feel hungry and I want to eat more but I can’t. I had a complete medical checkup before 1 years. Doctor treated me with “Risek 40mg capsule”. After that I became quit ok. But this thing started of again. With this problem sometimes my stomach fall asleep. My back also started to pain. my doctor gave me a oral dietary supplement to gain power. I am recovering. but nausea is not curing. I am taking medicine for nausea. I have used allopathic. Now I have contacted hikmat (Yunani medicine). But this thing doesn’t go completely. It also become more severe if I take tea. when ever I feel to pass motion I also feel nausea. Recommend me with a complete guide.
I forgot to tell u that this thing started due to some medicines which doctor gave me. this was happened when I become sick and doctor gave me wrong and hi potency medicines.

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Answer by მɴʈℍřʘς♈αясяαբ♈⛁イノク イ尺ノクク丂 イん乇 イ尺び丂イ比ロ尺イんリ イ尺ロロア乇尺
Check possibilities and the treatments… https://www.google.com/search?q=I+feel+nausea+while+eating&sugexp=chrome,mod=3&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 [Find treatments via doing more research…]

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