Q&A: How do I clip from my indoor herb pot?

Question by DUNCAN: How do I clip from my indoor herb pot?
I grow some indoor herbs in summer. I am not sure I am going about it the right way when I want to use a bit of the grown herbs. They seem to get spoiled and wither away. Can anyone who is into indoor plants let me know how to clip off a bit for use now and then. Or does one have to plant again every time?

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Answer by sassy sue
A withering plant is a sign that it is either being over or underwatered. Feel the soil before you water. It should be dry at the very surface and only slightly damp just beneath the surface. If it is wet then you are overwatering and if it is hard and dry then you are underwatering.

You just want to snip a little bit off the tips of a branch only at the time you want to use them. The plants should then branch out and give you even more leaves to snip further down the road. If you are using them often be sure you are starting with a big enough plant. If the plant isn’t big enough then you may be removing too many leaves to allow the plant to fully recover.

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