Q&A: How can I get rid of spider mites or other bugs on edible plants?

Question by Sara n: How can I get rid of spider mites or other bugs on edible plants?
I started a cute little window box herb garden but all my plants are dying and covered in webs ! :( Obviously I can’t spray them with poison…

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Answer by alisongiggles
Wash them with a well diluted vinegar water. You will need to wipe down the leaves and stems repeatedly to stop the infestation.

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  1. You are going to have to wash the little buggers off with something. Hopefully you can take the box outside so that you can do it good. I personally love to use ehow.com to find new and better ways to do things and sometimes I even know how to do something that I want to pass on.

  2. Hi, you have 3 choices, a Miticide, which you have stated you dont want to use, Ladybugs, which eat them if you have enough, or the alternative to both is washing with water and a sponge or cloth or just your fingers, whilst water is flowing over them.
    The water method can be tedious if the plants are large or if they are many, but your options are limited.

    You can minimise their environment by assessing the temperature and humidity of where their main colonies are.
    Many Mites like a dry heat to colonise around.

    I like the fingers and water best myself for edible plants.


  3. If you are unsure about making up a soap solution – which works pretty well, there are several good non-toxic sprays you can get at the home and garden store that work. They are called insecticidal soap and the one I’ve used is called “Safer”. It works great.

  4. HI Regular spraying with ordinary plain water will help to check the mites and the introduction of a predatory mite called phytoseiulus persimilis can be used as an alternative to chemicals. Otherwise spray with chemicals during the winter dormant time. All the best John