Q&A: Help me find this type of fruit or vegetable?

Question by Josh: Help me find this type of fruit or vegetable?
I want to start a indoor growing business where I can sell fresh fruit or vegetables that are both not native to my state (Florida) and are small enough to grow in an indoor greenhouse. Can anyone help me find this type of plant?

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Answer by Marilyn
Florida, wow. I live in far NW Washington State (20 miles from Canada; 5 miles from the Pacific ocean & 1,200 ft elev). I use (and need) a greenhouse to supplement my kitchen garden and combat the short growing season. However, it’s a 16′ x 20′ stand alone greenhouse.

“Indoor Greenhouse”. Like maybe a room in your house? Bright supplemental light will is your prime requirement. If you want a short time from seed sowing to harvest, your best bet would be specialty greens like mesclun salad mixes. Herbs, specifically basil (Genovese Basil); it’s high demand & tasty; requires high light & high temperatures. High light but cool temperatures: Arugula, Chervil, Cilantro, Mache. If you are interested in a long term crop patty pan squash would be a good bet.

The most important thing is to 1) experiment to see what you can produce; be quantitative (keep records: like what seed from which supplier was planted on which date; when did the seeds germinate; how much did you harvest & when. 2) take this information to potential customers and get get an agreement with your buyer, in advance.

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